Houtwerken Treehouses

Houtwerken stands for sustainable and

ecological Treehouses and creative woodworks!

Houtwerken was founded by Frank Schultz – Timberman, Entrepreneur, Treehouse designer and project manager, in 2009 in Berlin. At Houtwerken we first had a vision: We wanted to create fantastic, interesting and inspiring tree houses to create a new way of housing and living either in the city, the countryside or right on the beach. Ecological, sustainable and beautiful – we wanted to bring it all together. Meanwhile we are experts in the design and execution of tree houses as well as playing grounds, gambling machines and furniture for children, public institutions and companies. From the consulting to the final execution, Houtwerken will make your dream of the perfect tree house or wooden furnishing come true. Here are some examples what we can realise for you and what kind of service we provide our customers:

Treehouse Design and Development
Treehouse resorts for the hotel industry
Bed and Breakfast Treehouses
Summer Camps / Hostel Treehouses

Playing Grounds / Gambling Machines / Furnishing
For Public Institutions (Museums / Public Parks / Playing Grounds, etc.) / Companies
For private customers (e.g. indidvidual and unique furniture for children and adults)

If you are interested, please send us your enquiry about your tree house vision or other ideas, and we will work out a concept, a budget plan and a draft for you.